Wind Pictures

by Ebin-Rose Trio

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For Joe Vishino, Joe Phillips, Bill Bourque, Alan Watts, Hermann Hesse (The Journey To The East) & Charles Williams (The Greater Trumps)


released May 9, 2015

Ebin-Rose Trio:

Brian Ebin Parker Wolfe - Guitar, Mandolin, Tiple & Vocals
Rose Wolfe - Vocals
Bobo Lavorgna - Upright Bass, Vocals


Paul Neri - Banjo (Times Two, Pottery, Eastern Jar) & Dobro (Eastern Jar)
Alissa Bengtson - Harmony Vocals (Winds Pictures & Eastern Jar)
Recorded by Michael Arafeh at The Coffeehouse, Middletown CT, Produced by Michael Arafeh
OM Painting - Ashley Allyn



all rights reserved


Ebin-Rose Trio Guilford, Connecticut

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Track Name: Pottery

It’s a crazy kind of rhythm, this rise and rush and go.
You could spend you’re lifetime dreaming and still may never know.
How the wheel turns.
How the wheel turns.

Laughing down the hillside, lost among the trees
If the spirits truly love us, why do they keep us on our knees
While the wheel turns.
While the wheel turns.

Constant as the stars that shine the path across the sea
Everything else changing, it’s an endless mystery
Why the wheel turns.
Why the wheel turns
Track Name: Wind Pictures
Wind Pictures

Wind pictures Dance in the rain
Your Eyes burn black with pain
In a city cut from stone
You curse your seed and all its grown

Brier bound moss brown field
We lie well concealed
The love we claim to feel
Is a fight to keep it real

How we ever gonna
GET BACK/ home again
Christ it’s cold without you for a friend
Beyond The words we’re sold
Is a truth we cannot hold

Track Name: Eastern Jar
Eastern Jar

I keep a rainbow in an Eastern jar
A piece of ivory too
A perfect feather from a seabird's wing
And other things from you

Life is easy when you've got the tools
And the time to waste
I've been thinking of the open road
Cuz I'm not tied, to this place

Sea stones tumble from my hands, dragged up from the deep
I'm fallen
I'm fallen

I had a dream about the great Northwest
The sky was open wide
Just my wheels and the road beneath
Never once, looked behind

Once in a while when the nights seem long
Like they are want to do
I think about your perfect smile
And the things, I stole from you

Sea stones tumble from my hands, dragged up from the deep
I'm fallen
I'm fallen
I'm falling